Studio Meala, Funny Tales, and Cosmonaut Announces ‘What the Fluffoverse’ 
Ireland’s Studio Meala, Greek studio Funny Tales, and Japanese studio Cosmonaut have teamed up to develop and co-produce What the Fluffoverse, a new animated sci-fi comedy adventure based on the artwork of Philipp Kaeser. The series (10x22), aimed at kids ages 8-12, follows Neto as he traverses the galaxy trying to regain his lost memory, accompanied by a cast of unforgettable and diverse characters.
An award-winning animation studio based in West Ireland, Studio Meala produces original IP and specializes in hand-drawn 2D animation. Their recent work includes two episodes of the popular Disney Plus anthology Kizazi Moto: Generation Fire. The studio is also launching production on its first IP, Doodle Girl, a 2D animated series commissioned by Irish State Broadcaster RTÉ.
Funny Tales, based in Greece, is an award-winning animation studio specializing in 2D animation and pre-production. The studio has produced its original IP for Disney and is working on its second one.
Cosmonaut are creative office based in Japan, co-founded by award-winning creative director Yuichi Miyashi, business expert in Japanese IT and finance field, Hiroyuki Kamata, amazing intriguing artist, Philipp Kaeser, and animation business promoter Kanji Kazahaya.
Message from CEO of Cosmonaut, Hiroyuki Kamata

The advent of the AI era and the digitization of networks are fundamentally transforming human society in the modern age.
Many of the tasks that humans have traditionally carried out are being replaced by AI and IT. With the arrival of a declining and aging population, our children will need to enhance their individual social value in such an era.
As a country becomes affluent, it tends to focus on how to maintain its value of life without taking on new challenges. However, the development of information technology is rapidly shrinking the distance between us and the world, and whether we desire it or not, we will be drawn into the wave of global competition beyond borders.
In the midst of many tasks traditionally carried out by humans being replaced by AI and IT, there is a demand for the ability to take on tasks that only humans can do. As true global citizens, we must demonstrate wisdom, knowledge, and flexible thinking and creativity that can enable us to thrive anywhere in the world.
From this perspective, we are mobilizing the power of "genuine" entertainment to draw out the individuality, abilities, and creativity of the children who will lead the next generation. Through "stories that touch the heart" combined with "enjoyable visuals" and "beautiful sound," we aim to cultivate individuals with a refined sense of balance. We also aim to develop aesthetic sense to distinguish between the genuine and the fake, as well as correct information from misinformation.
We define this activity as "educational entertainment," with every child being the protagonist. To project their true selves into the story, we founded Cosmonaut. Co-founder and artist Philipp Kaeser creates imaginative characters, while Studio Meala and Funney Tales merge astonishing animation and stories to present "What The Fluffoverse" to the world.

In this show, our beloved furry blue fellow "COOBO" takes on the role of the main character "Neto" and goes on a great adventure.

Look forward to it!

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