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Adventure is where the children's experience starts from


Many doors around COOBO are the paths to unknown adventures.

With his buddy Strawberry Dog, COOBO timidly opens the door.


His every day life is an exciting adventure. One small step becomes a big experience, and makes his mind broader and deeper.


With big adventures of tiny little COOBO, children will learn joy and sadness, kindness and politeness, courage, strength that never give up, and humor that drives the heart.


Together with COOBO, children will learn what the values of human beings are.


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Kids Entertainment Program COOBO

Design “Business”


Cosmonaut Co., Ltd., is a total business coordinator based on each member’s specific experience, talent and knowledge.

We will help your business scenes from broad scales and scopes, on a wide spectrum of projects ranging from business development and planning to Corporate, Visual, Brand Identity creations, design of spaces, product designs etc., by engaging with you as a part of your team.


Cosmonaut Co., Ltd. is advised by the following board members:


Yuichi Miyashi, art director

Philipp Kaeser, artist, designer

Hiroyuki Kamata, business developer, planner


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Creating Business & Design

Yuichi Miyashi Works

Philipp Kaeser Works


Hiroyuki Kamata     Representative Director     President / CEO

Born 1971 in Tokyo, Japan. Graduate Aoyama GakuinUniversity, majored International Macro Economics under Professor Ryutaro Komiya. Worked for SMBC (Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation) from 1994, worked at Minami aoyama branch, Head office, Sapporo branch, Net Business Banking Dept., E-Commerce Banking Dept. During the carrier in SMBC, also joined the projects of setting up Online Shopping Mall, web creation of Japan Net Bank, @Loan at Mitsui & Co. in 2000-2003. April 2007, moved to RakutenInc., as Senior Executive Officer of Rakuten Travel Inc., become in charge of Business Strategy, Business Development, Domestic Sales, Creative Web Design, Domestic Dynamic Packaging Business, Rent a Car Business, Bus service Business, and Oversea Business, etc.

Yuichi Miyashi     Director     Chief Creative Officer          >> Works

Founded Tycoon Graphics in 1991 with NaoyukiSuzuki. Worked as a Creative Director of various company CI, music, fashions, architectures, motion pictures, and promotions with the talent of art direction and graphic design.

Major achievements are Logo and Sign designs of Omotesando Hills, Dojima Hotel, Universal Cinema Toyosu, Urawa, and Southern Beat Project of Shinjyuku station South gate mural graphic, etc., disk jacket design of Namie Amuro, globe, Toa Tei, SPEED, Miki Imai, Nanase Aikawa, HIKARI, Mika Nakajima, BUMP OF CHICKEN, etc. Major awards are Gold award of NY ADC “BIG MAGAZINE”, Silver award of NY ADC “BOYCOTT MOVIE”, Communication category award of Good design award “Logo design of Omotesando Hills”, and Mainichi Design award, etc.

Philipp Kaeser     Director     Chief Artist          >> Works

Born 1976 in Switzerland. Graduate apprentice at an architectural studio, studied graphic design at the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts, followed by Internships at Jeremyville, Sydney and Tycoon Graphics, Tokyo. Moved on to work several years in the snowboard fashion industry as a graphic designer and illustrator and later in 2008 set up ‘PaprikoInk.’, a Switzerland and Japan based design studio focusing on communication design projects in the fields of character design,Illustration, advertising, websites, brand development, murals, paintings.

Major achievements in Japan are disk jacket design of ORANGE RANGE, bird, DA PUMP, ARASHI, character design of Fukuoka Chuo Bank, design of JINS and JAGDA, etc. Currently living and working in Japan with his family as a graphic designer, illustrator and artist.


Company              Cosmonaut Co., Ltd.

Representative      President / CEO Hiroyuki Kamata

Founded               April 2, 2014

Address                3-21-9, Koyama, Nerima-ku, Tokyo 176-0022


Contact                ask@cosmonaut.co.jp


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